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    -May 10, 2006-

    Zena Crenshaw identified herself as the appellant and "class
    counsel" in her current appeal before the Seventh Circuit,
    referenced at "Background Story".  Shortly thereafter, she met
    in her capacity as a lawyer with a prisoner whose controversial
    prosecution and conviction may be challenged by the Texas-
    based, Southeastern Christian Association of which Zena is a
    member.  Zena returned from the Texas meeting on May 3,
    2006.  On May 10, 2006, she was removed from the only trial
    court in which she remained in good standing based on a
    reciprocal discipline process that otherwise seemed dormant
    since 2004.  

    -May 22, 2006 -

    "Focus On Indiana" debuts on the international, press wire.

    Zena Crenshaw joins the international debate on pharmaceutical
    industry practices:

    The articles linked to above are featured on numerous
    websites which you may identify through internet
    search engines.

    -May 26, 2006-

    APPELLANT'S BRIEF received by the U.S. Court of Appeals,
    Seventh Circuit.  To read the brief, click here.  To request the
    appendix or items from the appendix, email us.

    -June 1, 2006 (3:00 p.m. CST)-

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    -June, 2006 -

    Focus On Indiana becomes part of We Speak Up!

    -August 16, 2006 -

    Crenshaw allies write members of Congress on her behalf:
    Click Here

    -October 17, 2006-

    Crenshaw among honorees at National Shakespeare Theatre:
    Click Here

    -November 16, 2006-

    The Seventh Circuit determines that Crenshaw's claims are
    unintelligible:  Click Here

    -November 30, 2006-

    Crenshaw responds:  Click Here

    -December 13, 2006-

    An "Enough is Enough" campaign is launched on Capitol Hill:

Rep. Albert Wynn (D-Md.) joined former Congressman Walter E.
Fauntroy and others to call for an end to corruption in the federal
government and attacks on government whistleblowers with the
pledged support of Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.). Crenshaw is pictured
sitting to the far left of the image above.

    -January 5, 2007-

    The Seventh Circuit reflects its own "understanding" of
    Crenshaw's claims which it previously deemed "unintelligible":

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    -January 18, 2007-

    "Ms. Crenshaw is a lawyer.  As to her allegations of
    judicial bias, she has always been supported by lawyers, at
    times has been represented by lawyers, and is consistently
    counseled by lawyers as well as doctors of jurisprudence
    who are not attorneys.  That her contentions have yet to
    provoke judicial decisions based on thorough discovery and
    expert testimony is an oddity that now resonates in Texas."

    Dr. LeRoy Gillam,
    National President
    Southeastern Christian Association, Inc.

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       -June 26, 2008-
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