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This website was created to facilitate a long-term, national campaign
various government agencies and officials to scrutinize a
troubling situation that began in the State of Indiana
more than two
decades ago.  Ironically, Indiana is a state that features license plates
proclaiming "Kids First".  It was also once the home of America's
current Chief Justice, the Honorable John G. Roberts, Jr. of the United
States Supreme Court.  Yet Indiana is the main forum for multiple
federal court decisions that have derailed consideration of whether
certain judges improperly aligned themselves with a multi-billion dollar
prescription drug manufacturer to conceal an alleged link between one
of its products and the adverse drug reaction of a child and possibly
other children.  

How it Works:

While you can access court websites to retrieve documents through
PACER and can email a request for items via this website, the papers
chronicling all the events referenced by this website are voluminous.  
Most are not linked for that reason.  Also, this website was not
created to accommodate an exhaustive review of the matters it
addresses.  Few could undertake such a task without the resources
and manpower of at least a small government agency as it is

The primary objective of this website is to provide visitors enough
information to decide whether seemingly plausible health risks for
children are likely going unexplored due to questionable court rulings.  
The process does not require a determination of the truth or falsity of
any parties' allegations.  Instead, it challenges the public to consider
whether America's judiciary should exclusively explore the prospect of
serious, avoidable health risks for children being concealed through
serial, judicial acquiescence or misconduct.
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Rights of Parents and/or

Legal and Judicial Reform

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Dear Zena,

Your legal expertise and grassroots
advocacy supporting Blacks In
Government, federal whistle-blowers
and the 'NoFEAR' legislation in the
Nation's Capitol to the US Army
Redstone Area Minority Employees
Association (
anti-discrimination group in Huntsville,
Alabama has been invaluable to say the
least.  You are an intricate part of our
national freedom train network and
therefore, Indiana is just around the
corner with our support.  We look
forward to your call anytime day or
night if you need us.  GOD Bless and
know the Calvary is standing by.

The National
Freedom Train Network
Matthew Fogg

You have our support.  Judicial
misconduct of any kind should not be
tolerated by the American public.

P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade Organization


Sherry Swiney, Director
Sherry Swiney
Zena Crenshaw is a dedicated
Political activist, and attorney.
I stand behind her activist
interests, and as a fellow

Tom Saunders,
Bill of Attainder Project
Tom Saunders
I have reviewed Ms. Crenshaw's web site detailing her appalling court
experiences on behalf of her client.  I applaud her ability to press her
case in spite of the difficulties faced due to racial disparities in our
justice system.  Unfortunately, Ms. Crenshaw's experience is not
unknown, and it is our knowledge that those litigators who challenge the
courts (in the practice of due diligence for their clients) find themselves
fighting not only the opposing party, but also the courts themselves.  
Even worse, those conscientious litigators are often financially
sanctioned and may even find themselves black-listed by judges for
future cases.  In the worst case scenario, they are relieved of their law
licenses "for failure to uphold the dignity of the judiciary".

Our organization supports the work of Ms. Crenshaw and others to
create and enforce whistle-blower protections for lawyers and others in
the hope that law will once again become an honorable profession and
that government will become trustworthy.   

Juli T.

As you know, I often remind
people that the race is not given to
the swift, nor the battle to the
strong, but to one who endures to
the end.  I commend your
endurance and pledge all the
support I can provide to help you
run your race for righteousness and
justice.  Just consider the  
Southeastern Christian Association
as running along side you.  

I look forward to seeing you at the
finish line.  Victory is ours!

Rev. Dr. LeRoy Gillam, Pres.
Southeastern Christian Association
There are only two reason why there is a continual epidemic of
child maltreatment -- either ignorance or indifference.  
Where do you stand?  Focus on Indiana.

Carole Davis, Director
Children Hostages in Lifes Derangement
Dr. LeRoy Gillam
Zena's case is just another example of how
government whistleblowers risk their
careers and sometimes put every aspect of
their lives in jeopardy to help ensure that
America delivers on its most fundamental
guarantees.  When our government's power
and discretion are abused, the lives and
liberty of all Americans are diminished.  
Even children can be jeopardized.

Members of the No Fear Coalition unite to
combat the dark forces seeking to
compromise America's virtue.  We lend our
support to Zena in every possible way.  
She is a coalition member and has shown
herself true to our creed.  Her fight is
accordingly our fight.

Dr. Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, President
No Fear Coalition of Washington, D. C.
Dr. Marsha
Located in Western PA., the
Fathers Raising Children Project is
dedicated to helping non-custodial
parents develop and maintain an
active role in their children's lives.

John R. Sims, Jr.
Fathers Raising Children Project

You know we are behind you in
this all of the way.  It may not be
today or tomorrow BUT we will
prevail against judicial corruption.
Only together, can we as activist
win this war.  It is my fervent
prayer that ALL activist realize
that as one none of us can prevail.
Only together can we beat this

We are proud to stand with you
in your fight to end the unequal
justice system called the
American Judicial System.

Katherine Cremmins, Director
The Morningstar Group  
Katherine Cremmins
Dear Zena,

As a fellow Hoosier also appalled by the knowledge of rampant, blatant
injustices being routinely committed by this nation's state and federal
courts, not only against the written law, but often also trampling upon even
the most basic common senses, morality, and ethics, I stand fully by all
those others listed here in supporting your dedicated resolve to expose any
and all possible dangers to our children from drugs and medications that are,
at best, highly questionable, and, at worst, needless and deadly to them in
exchange for a corporate profit. Ephesians 5:11 should always be our
guiding principle in these matters. It guides me in focused purpose, and I
know it guides you daily also.

Long awaited by the many innocent and victimized citizens of this once-
great country, the return and restoration of our court systems to time-
honored traditions of fundamental ethics, fairness, due process, and of
obeying the supreme law of the land - our United States Constitution - will
hearken the day when millions upon millions will openly rejoice in the true
Freedom that our Founding Fathers carefully crafted and intended to always
remain as the bedrock principle of our American society.

I applaud your determination to fight for those who can't fight for
themselves against the greed of corporate injustice and their courtroom
cronies, as a shining example  The challenges are many, but the rewards in
victory are beyond priceless, not only for the present generation, but for
our children's children. The Lord Himself will provide our every need along
the way, no matter what the enemies of righteousness may present to divert
our path. Until the fight is finally over, I remain,

The problems you have exposed are not
confined to Indiana.  Regrettably, such
tragedies litter our nation.

The clarion call to unite is quite clear.  

The whistleblower, Allen Jones, expressed

We must begin a careful pruning of all
branches of our government.  

Our government was designed for one
branch to balance the other; when the dead
wood is peeled from one branch, we will
more clearly see where further pruning is

Perhaps this would provide a place to

Cassandra Dawn Casey
Cassandra Dawn Casey
I personally support the efforts of Zena Crenshaw and applaud her
and our Special Advisor, Kay Cremmins, and stand with them in this

Throughout America, drug companies who harm and maim innocent
patients are winning lawsuits in court at the expense of the plaintiffs,
general public and the legal representatives who try to stop them. The
efforts of Ms Crenshaw and others in the battle to educate American
citizens in the deadly collusion of the insurance-drug-judicial complex
are to be commended because this is, literally, a matter of life and death.

We have been documenting similar abuses of the legal system which
work with drug companies to misinform the public. Our story “Teen
Boot Camps”,

as well as the book “Help At Any Cost” by Maia Szalavitz summarize
the complaints that have followed the use of torture and abuse at these
camps supported by drug companies and insurance carriers.

We believe that the drug, insurance, and legal industries of America are
joined together in a lobbyist-type organization whose (secret) members
promote, in the name of "scientific research" or "rehabilitation" the use
of drugs on our population (preferably those too sick, poor, or
handicapped to do anything about it). See what is happening with the
policies of mental health screening of our nation's youth and you may
think, as we do, that the "human guinea pigs" idea touted below along
with the abuse of teens described above in teen boot camps show a
disregard for the health and safety of our young people and adults in
this country.

We must stop the human guinea pig experimentation and hold the drug-
insurance-judicial complex accountable for their abusive tactics.

Betsy Combier, President
The E-Accountability Foundation
Dear Zena:

As an attorney who practices employment law and family law, I am
very familiar with how our justice system often unjustly penalizes the
victims rather than protecting them.  Most employers and far too
many abusive parents are aware of this.  As a result, these employers
flagrantly ignore the law, and these abusers repay testimony and cries
for help with more abuse.  

I often wonder how a jury would handle these cases if a jury ever heard
them.  In most cases, I imagine that a jury would make a decision
which is completely opposite to that made by a judge.  

However, until enough people become aware of the serious problem of
judicial corruption, nothing is likely to change.  Your efforts have gone
a long way towards informing the public of this problem, and it seems
like the tide is about to turn.  Keep up the good work!